Grasbrook as partof a major inner-citytransformation zone

Hamburg’s inner city is growing by the rivers Elbe and Bille and developing new future-oriented urban qualities. In its western and central neighborhoods, HafenCity has an established urban character with an intensive mix of uses and, with spectacular major building sites and a host of small, innovative projects, is moving towards its completion at the Elbe bridges.The focus is now shifting to two further urban areas to be developed close by. Directly adjacent to HafenCity in the northeast, Billebogen is emerging, where tasks include defining part of the new gateway to the city along a 700-meter axis. Opposite HafenCity, on the other bank of the Elbe, the urban development and landscape design ideas for the new neighborhood are currently being worked out. Together the three urban development areas represent a transformation zone of over 300 hectares in size with homes for approx. 23,000 people and space for approx. 71,000 jobs. In the European context there is no other area that offers such opportunities and potential for development.

Luftbild des Gebietes um die Elbbrücken mit Hervorheungen von HafenCity, Grasbrook und Billebogen