New urban perspectives on the Elbe’s south bank

The new Grasbrook district is situated opposite HafenCity, south of the Elbe, and will be the new neighborhood to the west of Veddel. The neighborhood is destined to be a lively area with a fine-grained mix and also has the potential to be a global model for sustainable projects that take limited resources into account. There are plans to create approximately 3,000 rental apartments and condominiums (both for cooperative projects and joint building ventures), one third of which will be subsidized public housing. The social infrastructure will also be developed, including an elementary school and child daycare, as well as new provision of local shopping, sports and cultural facilities. In addition, space for approximately 16,000 jobs will be created. Noise from the railway, streets and industry makes it hard to build more homes. Plans foresee the creation of a large green space, about six hectares in extent, as well as four kilometers of green waterside promenades by the Elbe and the harbor basins that invite leisure and sports uses. That is the general idea.

Competitive Dialog on urban development and landscaping

The urban development and open space planning character of the new Hamburg district will be determined by high-quality urban development and open space-related functional planning with national and international participation to lay the foundations for the later development plan.

Between city and port – the starting conditions for Grasbrook

Challenges and opportunities for urban development are closely related when it comes to developing Grasbrook.

Innovations for the neighborhood of the future

Developing a neighborhood like Grasbrook offers a big opportunity to come up with viable solutions for innovative urban development while also using the potential of digitalization intelligently, even if it currently only plays a supporting role in this process.

Grasbrook as part of a major inner-city transformation area

Hamburg’s inner city is growing by the rivers Elbe and Bille and developing new future-oriented urban qualities.

A look at the history of Kleiner Grasbrook

The new Grasbrook neighborhood is being created on a site that has undergone great change over the centuries. Up until the Middle Ages Grasbrook was grazing land outside the city walls.

Historisches Luftbild des kleinen Grasbrooks mit Schiffen und Lagerhallen, schwarz-weiß

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Der Stadtteil Grasbrook

Oktober 2021 - [PDF | 2 MB]

Stadt. Innovation. Hamburg.

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